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Holy craptacular

I know right!? How long has it been!? I won't bore everyone with all the deets, but I did have a job for 8 months where I was working 60+ hours a week.

It was a little tough. And mentally draining. But, I don't work there anymore! So I'm crafting and working back at Boffos :)

I'll make this short and sweet so I'll just post pics of works in progress. The more time I spend on square space right now is reminding me how much work is ahead of me in getting my business up and running again and frankly, it makes me want to Kim Kardasian ugly face cry. Or maniacal laughter which turns into sobbing on the floor curled up in the fetal position. Either or.

Ok so I added 3 photos and since I'm on my phone I have no clue what's a-gonna happen.

First, a sneak peek. Secondly, some finished adjustable coffee cozies, and third, my superman chickadee cause he's kinda my back up logo and his face makes me happy.

I have been sewing a lot lately. To the point where my husband refers to me as "Thready Kruger" cause, well, yes I'm covered in thread :)

Ok I'm off! But I'll be back!


Squarespace app!?

Oh My Glob! So, whilst I was going through templates and the like of squarespace to choose some designs for my place of work (Boffos is going online bitches! Woot woot!) I realized something. Firstly, there was an upgrade to squarespace 6 (oopsie la!) there was also talk of a squarespace app for my friggin iPhone. Say Whaaaaat!? I can post on the go!?

So I'm givin it a try. While watching Family Guy. On the couch. Ya that's right. Be jealous.

And just for some fun, lets add a photo shall we!?

Hmm let's see if that works :)
If it does work, these are all pictures of Puck "helping" us move.


In other news, we're moving! And it's been... Interesting to say the least. Parents are unpacking and we're packing. We're living in the house of boxes.

Alright time to eat some guacamole.


New Year, New Gear

This'll be short but sweet folks, as I'm heading out to get my Bingo on tonight. Don't judge. It's what all the cool broke cats are doing, mmkay? 

So firstly, yes, new gear. As in, 1st gear. As opposed to No Gear. Yessieree Bob, I have a lot of plans to get moving on my adventures! But I fear letting all these plans out here so there will be no looking upon with disappointment. Then again, maybe letting them all out will motivate me to actually get 'er done? Now there's an idea!

I am confused though, about one small thing. See, Squarespace sets aside comments that it suspects is spam so that I can review it and agree or not agree. Mostly, I agree. But I just read one that was "Really good blog! All peoples need writing skils like yours" .... was that sarcastic?! 

Anyhoo, before I rush off into the night of bingo ink all up and down my arm because I have issues not messing myself with the dabber, I haz a show! 


It's happening next Friday, January 18th, so come on out for some great bands, terrific crafters and support a local charity y'all!!