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Pop with Brains

Friday, March 15th

@ The Rivoli

334 Queen Street W. Toronto


Heirlooms Show

Friday, June 14th (10am-8pm)

and Saturday, June 15th (10am-6pm)

Vermeers Garden Centre

684 South Pelham Road, Welland Ont


One of the Happiest Places on EARTH!

Boffo Specialty Meats &Deli - 334 Kerr St, Oakville Ontario

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I'm an average gal living in an average town, trying to make ends meet. I know exactly where I want to be, I just have to figure out how to get there. Currently my life is a pile of Lego; every time I sort all the colours, organize the blocks, and start to build an existence, I get distracted. I jump up and smash through it all, kicking it this way and that. I'll look down at my life in pieces, realize what I've done, plunk down amongst the ruin to sulk and cut my ass on the plastic edges. A temper tantrum usually ensues, followed by tears, a slight bout of feeling sorry for myself and I'll curl up in my 3 blankets and 12 pillows and cry myself to sleep. Eventually (days, weeks, months) I'll get a "I have ah idea!!" moment, and happily start all over again.

This, is one of those moments.

Although I have a shop on Etsy: SassmowthDesigns™ (in which I sell everything from cards & crochet to photography & artwork), my sales are mostly non-existent. Unless you count Valentines day, where my Monster "Me Love You" cards were a hit. Recently I've embarked onto a new venture of Craft Shows! You can be sure to find me *almost every* (*meaning when I can afford a table!) craft show hosted by the wonderful ladies Erin and Jules with Brocante Lux. While the stress from finance, productivity, procrastination, distraction, no focus, facebook, twitter, and blogging can sometimes make me throw up my pizza, I'm still very happy with the direction I'm going right now.

 Surprisingly enough, I'm happily married. To one very understanding husband. He's the kind soul who struggles to finance my crazy crafting ideas, supports my non-sensible rants, and even talks me through the days when my brain is completely empty. Oh, and puts up with my ongoing Gemini-esque mood swings.

I also live with one very hyperactive dog; Kermit, and one fat bastard cat named Misha, with my sister and her significant other living in sin in our basement. Well, I shouldn't really be saying "Our basement" due to the fact that we are squatting in my parents house while they live in Vienna.

Yet there's one slight problem. My parents are due back in 1.5 years and we have not one penny saved. Upon their return, we will be kicked out and although we could afford a tiny little apartment in this average city, we've gained 1 dog and an entire room filled with my craft supplies which will never fit. Our new goal, ahem, let me rephrase that, our completely important, no excuses, must do this or we'll be living in a van down by the river goal, is to get on our feet and be financially stable enough to afford a mortgage.

Let the countdown begin, shall we?