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Oh look it's the middle of the night!

Time to clean!

Geezus! Seriously folks, what's my problem!? I get home from work, look around at the mess and think "eh... I totally don't feel like cleaning" but then it gets dark, people go to bed and I'm all "ooooh let's organize and vacuum!" 

I guess I've always hated cleaning. But hey, atleast my messy room as a kid prevented it from getting robbed. True story. Our apartment was broken into and my room was the only thing not touched. I had a keyboard (hey now, that was some pretty awesome stealin' goods in the early 90's), a light up phone (again, stealin' goods) gold jewellery sitting on my dresser (buried under things) and lots of little odds and sods that woulda done great on the "hey I stole this and now I'm selling it" market. Those robbers took one look in my room and turned right around. 

So basically, I have to be in the mood to clean. If I'm not in the mood and I try to clean, things get broken. Or more messy. Like the time I had to clean up my "art station" (which was a wire 3 shelved unit I kept all my art supplies on) and I couldn't find my eraser, so I figured I'd clean and organize the shelves. Ya. Roommate came home to art supplies ALL over the apartment (and not like I had taken stuff off the shelf and placed it down nicely. No, no. More like, THROWN around the room) and NOTHING on the wire shelf. Low and behold, my eraser was inbetween the couch cushions. 

As a teenager I'd do the usual stay up late and sleep past noon program and it was always about 2 in the morning I'd get this uncontrollable urge to clean my room. My parents put up with it because it was a rarity, as long as I didn't start up the vacuum. Unfortunately when you're trying to silently clean, it all of a sudden becomes the loudest thing to ever happen in your entire life. And you also forget everything. Like needing the windex and paper towels. I'd spend 10 minutes quietly (unsuccessfully) sneaking (ya right, like I'm capable of that) down the stairs (and more often than not, falling down the stairs) to go get the windex, take 10 minutes to come back up and realize I didn't grab the paper towels. Then after getting the paper towels, I'd realize that I can't use windex on the custom made (by my awesome sauce carpenter Daddoo) wooden desk unit, I'd be back down to get the pledge. Which of course would make me woozy using it, and shorty after, I'd be sitting in the middle of my room giggling like a school girl at a piece of paper I'd found with a drawing of a penis on it. 

So once you've heard all of this, can you actually believe at one point I worked for a cleaning company!? It was hell I tells you, HELL! 

But in my defence, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. They were hiring, I needed a job. Ce La Vie. 

I just wish my inner scheduling matched my outer scheduling. I'm most creative and motivated between the hours of 10pm and 10am. After that, f*ck it. 

And here I sit writing a blog and letting you know of all my crazy habits. Have you noticed that 90% of my blog posts are posted really late at night? Ya. And the ones that aren't posted late at night aren't crazy and full up of too much information? Hmm... I should maybe really try to post at normal hours. 

Anyhoodle, I have work to do. It is almost 11pm afterall. I should be getting ready to go to bed but there's some dust bunnies that need attending, and some crafts to be created. But before I go, I can't possible leave you all pictureless.


When we stayed in Bled, Slovenia at the end of July, this was what I was looking at from my hotel room. Ya, didn't want to leave! One day I'll go back there and go up to that castle dammit! :) 

Goodnight everyone! Have a great weekend!

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    Sassmowth Designs - Ze Blog - Oh look it's the middle of the night!
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    Sassmowth Designs - Ze Blog - Oh look it's the middle of the night!
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    Sassmowth Designs - Ze Blog - Oh look it's the middle of the

Reader Comments (2)

Yes, clean the house you will...there is no try, there is only "do" or "do not".
Well..and cleansing fire.
August 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHubs
I hear ya Kat,. There is noting like a late night productiveness. I use to do my best work between 10 pm and 3 am. And of course you have to clean while getting ready for bed. I can't think of any other time cleaning the bathroom would be appropriate. I seriously think it has to do with the fact that everyone else has gone to bed and now one can focus.
October 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca

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