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Change of plans

So this is my third attempt to write a blog post today!

I just had so much energy apparently that I kept getting distracted when doing too many things at once. Well, maybe that's not what they call "Too much energy" but rather would be referred to as "Absolutely no freakin' focus".

I actually got a bunch of work done today, so I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since it's a Saturday. I like to think that I have a weekend despite being a stay at home person. Which technically I should be entitled to, except some weeks my breaks completely outweigh actual work.

I had an unexpected change of plans on Thursday, so I did not get a chance to head to Toronto to The Purple Thumb and add more stock to my display. And what could possibly have been the unexpected change? Well, it's rather embarrassing. I forgot to get a babysitter for the dog.

Okay so you're all thinking "You need a babysitter for your dog? Who are you, Paris Hilton?" No see, it's not like that. I'm just a freak. For short trips out of the house, we leave Kermit out and he's fine. Longer trips alone, he goes in his cage. (While he's never shown destructive tendencies when alone for long periods, I don't want to risk it since this ain't my house and all the woodwork was hand done by my daddoo!)

So, while he'd be fine in his cage the entire time I'm in Toronto, I'm not fine with him being in his cage for that long. Why? Because I have these fears that there will be a fire and he'll be trapped. And I don't trust the cat to save him. Kermit's had far too many "Cat Bum Hair Beards" if you know what I mean.

Am I a freak? Yes. Go ahead and laugh if you will! But whenever I have plans to go out, Kermit has a "Play date" with his cousins Tyson and Zeek and I had forgotten to ask my Sis in Law if he could come over for the day. Hence the switch to going to Toronto on Sunday instead. Now to distract you from my freaky-ness, here's a pic of Kermy with his cousins! First is hyper spaz Kermy, Tyson in the middle, and Zeek on the other end!

Now on to business! Well, not really business, but could be one day. I taught myself needle felting! I actually finished a project and I only bled once! I had previously purchased a needle felting kit from The Funky Felter and when I heard she was closing her Etsy shop, I quickly went and purchased more wool. She'll be keeping her Artfire shop open, but I'm not an Artfire-er. Anyhoo, I thought, maybe I should actually try to make something now and see what it's like. So I did. And here it is:

Okay so it's not exactly the right colours for an apple. I didn't previously purchase any red. Or brown. Well, the actual apple is kinda brown lol. But I used black for the stem, which is a tad too thick, but hey, it was my first stem! The leaf is also a tad big, but I'm not too good at knowing how much wool I need to start with to end up with something the size I need :) I guess I took a tad too much!

I thought it was pretty good though. Hubs kept laughing at me while I felted since we were watching tv together at the time, and he couldn't figure out what I was doing. All he could see was my tongue going this way and that, because as most of us crafters know, the position of the tongue completely decides the outcome of the craft.


Did ya think it was bigger than this?! hee hee hee hee. I didn't want to waste too much wool if it didn't work out :)

In other news, I've been figuring out more things with the website! I made my banner bigger, changed the position of the page tabs and made that bigger, added a search, and named a bunch of my photographs in the galleries. I still have to add a whole whack of links and a lot more photos, but I'll just go ahead and add that to the 15, 985 lists I have on the go!

Before I ramble even more, I'll go. I hope to be bringing you a lot more fun things in the very near future, some great information on selling/web sites or whatever else I can think of, as well as some amazing networking sites that everyone should check out! :)

Oh but wait. Leslie aka The CrookedStamper taught me something amazing. Well, she unknowingly taught me something amazing. On my original blog SassmowthDesigns on Blogger, I mentioned in a post how I was so excited to switch my blog over here because here there's a spell check. Leslie just couldn't believe my version of blogger was so incredibly special that I didn't have a spell check. So to prove it to her, I finally figured out how to do something:

*gasp* I did a screen shot!! How amazing is that! Now you all know what this means. Every blog from now on is going to have one of these LOL. Thanks again Leslie!

Thanks for the feedback my lovelies! If anyone else has any suggestions on what to add to make this website simply awesome, please let me know! :) Oh, but one thing I really need advice on:

Should I stick with the RSS Feed, OR should I download Google Friend Connect? Or have both?

As my daddoo would say,

Keep yer' stick on the ice


Believe me, this *is* quick.

Hello again all my lovelies!

Quick post just to say - I have so much to do! Being incredibly sleep deprived mixed with off balanced blood sugar is quickly putting a gigantic (or should I say horrendous*) dent in my motivation. If I keep moving, I should be fine. But the real question will be, when will I start moving?

Sure I was up at quarter to 5 this morning, got a whole whack of tweets done (I volunteer-tweet for My Craft Corner!) printed some more pics (doing a family-picture-putting-in-frames-and-hanging-all-over-the-house extravaganza for hubs!) and read Wil Wheatons blog. The latter was obviously the start to the 'slipping out of working mode' because I went from that to watching Wil Wheaton YouTube videos. I finally stopped and swore I'd get some work done, but then it was time to get the dog up, make everyone's breakfast, outside for walkies and I couldn't miss watching Michael J. Fox on Regis and Kelly. I could have, but it's one of those days. But I'm determined to get my desk cleared off, and get some product made!

I'll keep you posted as to whether that ever happens.

Big plans for the week including taking the car in for an oil change/ tire switcheroo, taking our passport applications in so we can be set to head to Vienna in June (Yeah!), and taking another trip up to The Purple Thumb to add more stock, add in some display items, and hoping for a miracle that I actually see stock gone from the shelves. Please let someone have found my Monsters humourous. Mama needs a new pair of pants. Literally. I look disgusting.

I've decided to add a few things to the featured stock at the store including bookmarks and magnets. I've thought about them a whole lot, just haven't actually made one yet. I hope to be posting pictures of those real soon! In other news, I received some items that I had bought from Etsy recently.

Super Ninja Alien Robot Suncatcher by Wanitta at Its My Thing! Designs


I can't tell you how in love I am with this Ninja. I stared at it for a few hours one day and thought "My butt's numb and my eyes are dried out." So I clicked on 'Add to Cart' so I can continue to stare at him while I work instead of having to sit infront of a computer screen. I've named him "Carl". My hubs saw him and demanded that we create a Super Alien Robot Suncatcher Army to release when we get our own place (or van down by the river) so I'll be slowly collecting more in the next coming months. Don't worry, each will have it's own name. If you're wondering why I've written "Get to work DAMMIT" on that picture, you should probably pay better attention. I'm trying to motivate myself to work by imagining inanimate objects glaring and yelling at me to get my work done.

Japanese Origami Paper Doll - Keiko by Christine at UmeOrigami


I've always loved origami. I myself, could never do it. The most advanced I've ever gotten was those hand things where you write numbers and make people choose and then predict what lewd act they're going to do. Or whatever. You play your way, I play mine. Anyway! I get frustrated folding those things and end up smashing them, so I can imagine that if I were to make origami dolls, I'd have a killing field in my craft room.


I fell in love with Keiko and thought she'd be perfect with my "Inspiration" wall of sorts in my craft room (featuring other items from Neil Gaiman, Edward Gorey and Frank Zappa!) and I was right! She fit right in. It was so sweet that Christine wrote me a little thank you note all folded up like a heart. I almost didn't want to open it - but I actually paid attention and folded it back exactly the same way! Oooooh! I impressed myself.

Okay, before I start going any further, I should REALLY get back to work. But first I'm going to take a shower. Oh yes, this day will be a productive one, I can feel it.

*For those who noticed this little symbol beside the word "Horrendous" - congrats! You don't win anything, but you do get to know why I put it there. Apparently this word means:

shockingly dreadful; horrible: a horrendous crime.

Yet somewhere down the line, I was using it to mean:

Gigantic, colossal, mammoth, monstrous, physically or metaphorically of great magnitude.

So I was really confusing hubs when I kept saying things like "That's horrendous!" or "I'm horrendously busy" Does it not seem like a word that means something big? I mean, C'MON!
Have a great day my peeps!



New Adventures in Crafting Land


This is it!

Time is quickly running out and if I'm going to continue this "Own Business" venture, I'm going to need to stop fooling around. If 2010 does NOT become the year that I can make somewhat of an income, I'm going to need to scrap the whole dream and go back to.... bluh... working for someone else! Following other peoples rules, "office politics", and always having a smile on my face. Not that I don't enjoy smiling! But I want to smile on my OWN terms.

It's going to be a hectic year, a life changing year. One that will force me to re-evaluate myself, my life, and my aspirations. I know exactly where I want to be, and I can see myself there. I just have no clue which paths to take to get me to that point. So far, I've done this. I have my own domain and a web page which is incredibly exciting. I've ventured off of Etsy and into a real B&M store in downtown Toronto - something I never thought would happen so soon. But there's still so much to do, and it's all a bit overwhelming.

You'll probably see this site change quite a few times in the next few months. I'm still playing with logos and colour schemes and "Business Branding" if you will. Adding Widgets and pages and buttons. When I learn a bit more about HTML I'll be playing with layouts and pictures and the whole bit. I also need to figure out what direction I want this blog to go in. Do I want it similar to my last one, Adventures In Crafting Land on Blogger, or do I want to go in a whole new direction? Should I get more serious, or still remain the goof ball I have a hard time repressing? And if my cat doesn't stop licking his bum right now, I'm going to freak out. It's deafening!

Well, Welcome to the Launch of SassmowthDesigns everyone! I hope you enjoy this new endeavor of mine as much as I do!



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