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Oh look it's the middle of the night!

Time to clean!

Geezus! Seriously folks, what's my problem!? I get home from work, look around at the mess and think "eh... I totally don't feel like cleaning" but then it gets dark, people go to bed and I'm all "ooooh let's organize and vacuum!" 

I guess I've always hated cleaning. But hey, atleast my messy room as a kid prevented it from getting robbed. True story. Our apartment was broken into and my room was the only thing not touched. I had a keyboard (hey now, that was some pretty awesome stealin' goods in the early 90's), a light up phone (again, stealin' goods) gold jewellery sitting on my dresser (buried under things) and lots of little odds and sods that woulda done great on the "hey I stole this and now I'm selling it" market. Those robbers took one look in my room and turned right around. 

So basically, I have to be in the mood to clean. If I'm not in the mood and I try to clean, things get broken. Or more messy. Like the time I had to clean up my "art station" (which was a wire 3 shelved unit I kept all my art supplies on) and I couldn't find my eraser, so I figured I'd clean and organize the shelves. Ya. Roommate came home to art supplies ALL over the apartment (and not like I had taken stuff off the shelf and placed it down nicely. No, no. More like, THROWN around the room) and NOTHING on the wire shelf. Low and behold, my eraser was inbetween the couch cushions. 

As a teenager I'd do the usual stay up late and sleep past noon program and it was always about 2 in the morning I'd get this uncontrollable urge to clean my room. My parents put up with it because it was a rarity, as long as I didn't start up the vacuum. Unfortunately when you're trying to silently clean, it all of a sudden becomes the loudest thing to ever happen in your entire life. And you also forget everything. Like needing the windex and paper towels. I'd spend 10 minutes quietly (unsuccessfully) sneaking (ya right, like I'm capable of that) down the stairs (and more often than not, falling down the stairs) to go get the windex, take 10 minutes to come back up and realize I didn't grab the paper towels. Then after getting the paper towels, I'd realize that I can't use windex on the custom made (by my awesome sauce carpenter Daddoo) wooden desk unit, I'd be back down to get the pledge. Which of course would make me woozy using it, and shorty after, I'd be sitting in the middle of my room giggling like a school girl at a piece of paper I'd found with a drawing of a penis on it. 

So once you've heard all of this, can you actually believe at one point I worked for a cleaning company!? It was hell I tells you, HELL! 

But in my defence, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. They were hiring, I needed a job. Ce La Vie. 

I just wish my inner scheduling matched my outer scheduling. I'm most creative and motivated between the hours of 10pm and 10am. After that, f*ck it. 

And here I sit writing a blog and letting you know of all my crazy habits. Have you noticed that 90% of my blog posts are posted really late at night? Ya. And the ones that aren't posted late at night aren't crazy and full up of too much information? Hmm... I should maybe really try to post at normal hours. 

Anyhoodle, I have work to do. It is almost 11pm afterall. I should be getting ready to go to bed but there's some dust bunnies that need attending, and some crafts to be created. But before I go, I can't possible leave you all pictureless.


When we stayed in Bled, Slovenia at the end of July, this was what I was looking at from my hotel room. Ya, didn't want to leave! One day I'll go back there and go up to that castle dammit! :) 

Goodnight everyone! Have a great weekend!


Facebook conundrum

Does conundrum make sense? Sometimes I use misuse words. Like, really badly. Like, not even close to what the real meaning is. Which sometimes confuses me because how in the world can I know what bombastic means, but not horrendous?!

Anyhoodle, the issue I'm having with facebook. I know alot of you have issues with facebook, and really, I have it for my business (which has pretty much been dead since December) and to keep in touch with friends and fam that live far away. And hell, to keep in touch with friends that live close by, but since our schedules dont match whatsoever, I never get to see them. Sad face.

The issue is viewing facebook on my iPhone... well, on the computer too, but atleast on the computer I can block all the posts about this blingy game and that super game and all those freakin' games I refuse to play that annoy me. But for some reason, I can't block the f*cking song pop crap. So basically, my ENTIRE news feed is "this person guessed this song on songpop!" and they guessed freakin' 20 songs in a row, and it shows that message for EVERY ONE. THEN to slap me in the face a little more, it does a "this person guessed 20 songs on songpop!" And I always cry a little when I see yet another friend started guessing songs on songpop. I want to cry right now with how many times I've even written song pop. 

To make matters worse, Facebook has filled up with "if you remember this person, click like and share!" "if you know what this contraption is from the 60's, click like and share!" So then you have those people that actually click like and share on EVERY ONE. Methinks I need to stop checking facebook. 

In other news, I'm a complete idiot! See, a post ago, a few posts ago, I don't recall, I said I haven't been crafting and had nothing to share. Geezus, seriously?! That's all I did in June for my sister in laws wedding!

I made these "stained glass" type silhouette thingys to decorate the walls of the reception hall. 














They're gigantic. (well, before I knew what horrendous meant, I'd be saying they were horrendous btw) And also to take note, these aren't pics of the completed project. I still had to attach the black outline to the white backing and cut the white backing to size.



















I did 8 of them and they really brought the room together, so I was super excited about that. And I just realized I probably should have cropped them first before I put them online. I am trying to be a professional photographer here after all and I'm posting crap pictures lol. Whoopsie! Or as I learned in Slovenia, Ooop-see-la! Oh damn, I should probably write about my trip to Vienna and Slovenia! I didn't even mention I was going! HA! 

Anyhoo, I think that's all I have for today. I know there's more, but I think I'm too annoyed by facebook to write anything else. Plus I'm currently cooking dinner and don't want that chicken to burn :) 

I'll hopefully be back soon! I'm on a mission to get my shop and crafting business up and running this week! Wish me luck! 

Oh, and in other news, my hands smell like onions. Have a super night!



In my defence...

Today is technically tomorrow. 

See, I finally posted that previous blog post well after midnight therefore it was the wee bitty hours of Saturday morning. And now that it's Sunday, well then I'm right on track, right?! 

Ya, sorry 'bout that. 11 hours at work, 3 hours sleep that night, and completely crashing when I got home kinda pushed the need to finishing my blog post to the way side. Which is better than the East side. Or so I hear. 

Okay, Koodo... you devilish little fiend you... 



Yes, so I came home the other day to an automated message on the answering machine. Of course since it's automated, I only hear half of the message since the stupid thing starts playing as soon as the answering machine picks up, so alot of times I'm sitting here listening to "So please call this number between the hours of 8am and 5pm. The number again is this and please call us Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm" Okay that's nice and everything, but who the F*@& are you?! Seriously, you'd think after all this time since the invention of automated calls and answering machines that these companies would have figured out a thing or two. Maybe perhaps say the company name near the end of the automated message, or ooooooh how about it if is an important call, have a PERSON CALL instead of a robot?! 


Finally I figured out it was Koodo. So I call back.... 

"Thank you for calling Koodo! Can I get your account number so I can bring up your information in order to assist you better?"

"No. You can't. I don't have an account number. I threw out all the paperwork for Koodo including the damn phone when I *cancelled* my phone back in May."

"Oh.. okay ma'am. Let me just search from your name then"

I heard a big *sigh* in there somewhere, probably because this guy immediately realized that this wasn't going to be an easy call. I promised myself I was going to be as nice as possible, but nice people always end up paying bills that they weren't supposed to have in the first place. 

"Okay I have your account information up now. It seems you have some overdue bills. Is that what you're calling about ma'am?" 

"I guess that would be why. But my biggest issue would be that I shouldn't have any. I called back in May and cancelled the phone. I was told by all 3 people that I kept being transferred back and forth to that my phone was now cancelled and I would never have another charge whatsoever on the account. So why are you guys calling me and telling me I have an overdue account when I shouldn't have an account at all anymore?"

"Okay so I'm going through the account now, and yes it seems you did call May 2nd... Let me just read through the transcripts... customer called to cancel... needed to pay bill... bill paid... account cancelled... customer service... Alright so it seems that you did call and asked to cancel and it was supposed to be cancelled. I'm not sure why that didn't end up happening. May I put you on hold for 3 to 5 minutes?" 

"You certainly can!" 

At this point I was texting my husband with a 'guess who called and left a message and now I'm on the phone with them on hold???' I always like to make him guess. Mysteries such as this keeps our marriage fresh. Like the time I called him at work to ask if he had eaten any crackers. Long story, maybe I'll divulge it one day ;)

The guy eventually came back...

"Alright Ma'am, I've just talked to my supervisor and questioned why this account was never actually cancelled. It seems that the site was down at the time and the cancellation didn't go through, I'm very sorry about that"

"Oh wow, that's funny. Your site was always down when I tried to log into it repeatedly, so that makes tremendous sense. Glad it wasn't only just your customers it goes down for."

"Uh, yes ma'am. *chuckle*. So I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. So let's process this cancellation right now. All you have to do is pay your final bill of $170.56 and we'll cancel your account" 

"Excuse me?! What exactly is the $170 for?"

"Well that's your bill for May, June and July, plus deactivation fee, and interest on the account."

"Okay let me get this straight. I called to cancel the phone in MAY, the phone wasn't cancelled in May due to Koodo's mistake, and you're actually going to CHARGE ME for the months my phone wasn't cancelled for?!"

"Oh, um. Okay Ma'am I'm going to put you on hold again, is that okay?" 

"NOT a problem. Take as LONG as you need. I'll be here until this matter is solved."

Again I wanted to smack my head against the bricks. Seriously. They wanted to try to get me to pay all this money for 3 months that they failed to cancel my phone for. Right on Koodo. Right on. Way to win over the masses! Now I bet anyone reading this is all "Hell ya! I'll get a Koodo phone from now on! I LOVE paying money for things I'm not supposed to be! Woot Woot!"

So after hearing about 4 or 5 easy listening tunes like Bette Midlers From a Distance, he comes back. 

"Alright Ma'am I have good news!" 

"Oh! Good News! That's what I like to hear!" 

"Yes! So, I've spoken with my supervisor and I got him to take off the bills for June and July! So all you have to pay is" 

"Hold up now... Taking the bills for June and July which I should have never been billed for in the first place, is NOT good news. Why in the world is THAT good news?! Good news, would be you coming back apologizing for Koodo's mistake and I'll never hear from you again. THAT would be good news!"

"I'm really sorry Ma'am, but I can't get the charges for May taken off. The phone was cancelled May 2nd, which is after the new billing cycle takes place. Therefore, you need to be charged for the month of May."

"Okay, well since they kept telling me I had a tab on Koodo for $26 and kept asking me if I wanted to transfer my account and tab to someone else when I cancelled, which by the way is hilarious because I don't actually keep people in my life that I HATE that much to give them the headache and sheer frustration in having to deal with the customer service at Koodo, use the $26 tab to cover the 20 something amount for the month of May then."

"Well, actually the bill just for may is $59 plus with the deactivation fee..."

"Why the hell would a $20 plan all of a sudden become $59??"

"Oh Ma'am I'm sorry I was reading the wrong line"

"Right. Look, here's the thing. You may say I have to pay more money for either a month or deactivation fee, or whatever. But absolutely NOTHING you say to me right now, is going to convince me to pay a God damned cent. All of those people I talked to on May 2nd, every single one of them I questioned as to whether I'll have to pay one cent after the $124, and that my phone is cancelled immediately. Every single one of them told me once I pay the $124, that was it, nothing more. Every single one of them told me my phone was now, as of this second, cancelled. So all 3 of them lied. Maybe they all lied to appease me, tell me what I wanted to hear, just so I'd get off the damn phone and stop bothering them. But the fact of the matter is, all 3 of them told me it was cancelled, and I wouldn't have to pay one more f*@&ing cent. And THAT means, whatever charges are on that account, that's NOT. MY. PROBLEM. That's KOODO's problem."

"I'm sorry Ma'am, I'm really sorry that they all told you that, but that was the wrong information. You still need to pay for.."

"No. I'm not paying for anything. Your company f*@&ed up. THEY told ME the wrong information. That's Koodo's problem. NOT. MINE." 

"Okay, okay Ma'am, I'm going to put you on hold for just a few minutes longer to speak with my supervisor"

Why in the world this person didn't just transfer me to his supervisor is beyond me. He had already put me on hold 4 times at this point (I omitted certain parts of this conversation to a) try and relieve me of so much repetition since I had to say the exact same things over 50 times, and I guess to save you from having to read it, and b) save a bit on time. I was on the phone with him from 4:20 until 5:13)

He eventually comes back

"Okay Ma'am I'm actually just having an online conversation with my supervisor since he's currently engaged on the phone with another associate. He's working with the payment department about trying to waive all the fees on this phone, but he wanted me to ask you exactly why you wanted to cancel your phone in the first place?"

So I went on and on and on and told him my "are you even LISTENING to yourself!?" conversations from December, all my frustrating conversation in May, and let him in on the "never in my life will I ever use a Koodo product again and I'll let everyone know that I can possibly find, to never use Koodo because of their piss poor customer service skills. No offence, you haven't actually been that bad."

"Okay Ma'am, I am really sorry for your experience with Koodo and I really hope you decide not to spread word about the customer service here, as your experience isn't a common thing, which again I am REALLY sorry about. I've just finished talking with my supervisor and he's allowed all charges to be taken off your account, and I'll now be transferring you to another associate to complete the cancellation process." 

"Thank you. But will my account ACTUALLY be cancelled this time? I won't be getting letters and phone calls 3 months down the road trying to get money from me again?" 

"*chuckle* no Ma'am I promise it will actually be done this time!"

So I was transferred, the account was cancelled, (again), and I really hope for their sakes it actually was this time. 

So, there's my experience with Koodo. Does it make ya wanna have a Koodo phone?! And please, share stories if you have some :) 

Off to a BBQ! Maybe one day soon I'll actually write a blog post of new crafting projects and ideas! Hmmmm!! 

Have a great Sunday!