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One of us may have pooped our pants  

Okay, so I admit it. Koodo's commercials are pretty freakin' funny at times. Not all the time mind you, but that one made me laugh. And it was outloud. lol people! lol!

Side note, back in the late 90's when online chat groups became the new 'thang' (Ahhh, EZchat... the hours wasted but the amazing friends I made! Memories!) these little short forms popped up. brb, lol, wtf, lmao etcetera, etcetera. I love using lol I have to admit, even thought 98% of the time I didn't. More like a chuckle or a snicker. But I guess cab (chuckled a bit) and sal (snickered a little) never really caught on. 

And why did I love using lol? Because it looked like a Tie fighter. 


C'mon!! You see it!!!

 Bit of a nerd I know. Not as much as my husband when it came to Star Wars, but maybe that's why we were meant to be? I was a sorta-Star-Wars fan and he was a Star Wars Guru? He farts alot and I used to fart in a jar and close the lid really fast and open it 3 days later to see if it still smelled funny? Hey, I was a kid. Don't judge. Although, maybe I shouldn't have admitted that since my Daddoo reads my blogs and I was kinda using my moms preserve jars. Atleast she boiled them first before filling them with jammy goodness. 

Anyhoo... Koodo. Here's the story kids....

Firstly, let me start by saying, if you're with Koodo, I'm sorry. Please do yourselves a favour and seriously consider switching to another cell phone provider. 

See, thing is, their customer service is sh*t. And I don't mean like "Man, that's the sh*t". It's complete and utter Sh*t. I was with Koodo for a bit with a phone with no bells and whistles, just what I could afford at the time. And y'know, I didn't have a job or nothin' so that wasn't much. But for the most part, it was okay. I wouldn't say top notch by any means, but I didn't expect much. For our anniversary last October, hubs got us iPhones. Can I say "In Love" right here by chance? I avoided them for so long but dammit... as my dad would say I "drank the apple flavoured cool-aid" And I drank it by the jug full when I got my iMac! (Head over heels in love, lemme tell ya!) 

Since I had this old crap phone and the inlaws were travelling for a month and didn't have a cell phone which bothered me a little, I thought hey! I'll just go to Koodo, get a new number for them, and they'll have a phone in case of emergency whilst they travel! Woot Woot!

So we got the $20 plan, and everything be fine. Or so I thought. We had registered online for email billing,  and when we got to the end, things weren't working right and I had a lightbulb moment that went a-hah! THIS is why I never used Koodo online last time because the f*@&ing site never worked! 

Anyhoo, long story short, recieved a letter from Koodo in the mail on December 21st of last year. I thought, finally! An actual bill! (I had called twice by this point to a) get my balance and pay the bill for November, and b) sort out the online registration) But this letter was not a bill. It was a threatening collection notice. 

See, I had gotten the phone the very beginning of November, and at this point we only had a bill for November which was paid, and a bill coming up for December. But never received one. Except this notice. So I call to figure out what the problem was. I first asked when my bill was due. He said January 2nd. I go "Really, January 2nd? Are you sure?" and he says "Yes ma'am, January 2nd" so I'm all "Then why the F*@& did I receive a collection letter from you TODAY stating that if I didn't pay my bill by TODAY that it was going to collections?" He fumbled and made excuses and fumbled and mumbled some more. Then I asked why I had never received a bill in the mail? He says "Oh, because you signed up for email registration." I said ok, why have I never received an email bill? His answer? "Because the email registration wasn't completed".... I was simply dumbfounded. And completely shocked that he wasn't. 

I say

"Umm... are you even listening to yourself? Do you actually hear what you're saying?"

"I don't understand Ma'am, what's the problem?"

"I don't understand either, frankly. You say I never received a bill in the mail, because I signed up for email billing. But you never sent me an email bill, because the email registration wasn't completed. That makes sense to you???"

"Well the email registration wasn't completed, what do you expect us to do?"

"umm.. send a BILL IN THE MAIL MAYBE?!"

"But you signed up with email billing"

"Okay.. okay.. I signed up for email billing. What email address do you have?"

"*reads it off*"

"Okay that's the correct email address... So lemme get this straight now though, you HAVE the email address, yet you still don't send an email bill?"

"Well, I can't very well send you an email bill to your email address just because we have it! You have to sign up for email billing first!"

"and I didn't sign up for email billing?"

"well no you didn't, so I can't just go ahead and send you one"

"So then you should have sent a bill in the mail!"

"But you signed up for email billing!" 

I seriously wanted to smash my face against the bricks. 

I eventually got off the phone with him. The bill was paid, and I expected after our long drawn out 42 minute conversation that we were now going to be receiving email billing. 

That didn't happen. 

My husband was supposed to be receiving the emails, so I thought nothing of it again. He was under the impression I was receiving bills in the mail, and thought nothing of it again. Oy. Ok, ok, our bad. 

May 2nd. Another collection letter. Yippee!! So I call. I'm very nice, I just want to find out my final bill, pay it, and cancel the damn phone. I explained to them the problems with getting our bills, the horrid customer service I had received up until this point, and I just wanted to cancel the phone. I was on the phone with these guys for an hour, switched back and forth between 3 people, explained my case several times, told them I'd pay the bill the second I got off the phone and NO I was NOT giving them my credit card number for them to process it immediately. So, once the phone was cancelled, I asked each of the 3 people several times "Now, this phone is cancelled immediately, yes?" "Yes" "And I'll never have another bill once I pay this 124 yes?" "You'll never recieve another bill" "So, once I get off the phone with you guys, I'll never hear from you again, because there will be no more charges, ever again?" "That's correct" and I hung up the phone. And thought nothing of it again.

Apparently yet again, my bad.

I got home 2 days ago to a phone message from Koodo. Are you curious to what about? If so, tune in tomorrow!

Because it's bedtime for Bonzo! ;) 



Here we go... 

Or should that be "Earwig go"... Ya, one of my favourite jokes from when I was a kid. "What did the earwig say as he fell off the wall? Earwig go again!" It was from this joke book my uncle had gotten me... the Ha Ha Bonk book. BEST BOOK EVAAAAA! Well, for me... For my family it was pure hell. I'd be telling jokes 24/7. They couldn't even escape to the bathroom as I'd be shoving my face to the bottom of the door jam yelling jokes through the crack. 


 One day that book went missing and it was the saddest face day of all. I still say my parents got rid of it to relinquish their sanity, but they deny it to this day. But 2 Christmases ago? They found it and bought it for me. I seriously cried when I opened that present! 

Ok lets get back on track shall we? 

I have this spiffy new computer yet I haven't gotten anything done with my business. *sigh*. It's been busy around these parts. But I was just reminded from my "Jimminy Cricket" that I need to get this badonkadonk moving since I kept making the excuse I didn't due to failing computer. But now I have this:


So what's my excuse? I won't fill you in on too many details but I'm F*$&ing exhausted! 

But when you have a business, AND a full time job, that's normal right? Pffft, sleeping? What's that?! 

So I decided to hop on my 'super cool' and do some writing. 

I did have a fabu weekend that's for sure! Had a BBQ with the amazing Erika and Mike, 2 people I don't get to see often enough that's for sure. Whenever I see Erika I feel like "Kitten Rainbows". And she informed me that that was fitting since after seeing me she has "Rainbow Christmas Eye Beams". So in retrospect, we have what is called as KRCEB's. Or "Kersebs" if you will. Kitten Rainbow Christmas Eye Beams. Like one of those 'before and after' puzzles on Wheel of Fortune (or Veel auf fortine if you're Dutch). 

I've had Photoshop on my computer for a few years now, and I've managed to figure a few things out... Like, how to crop things. And change a colour here and there. Even replace a colour! OOOOOooooo! I know! But really, I had no fricken clue. Then sweet Erika floated into my computer room and said "Look what I can do!" all Stu like, and taught me quite a few things! For example... (as a side note, please forgive for placing a photo of my tired ass self on here, but no worries! We photoshopped a bit of those bags!) 


It's subtle, but oh so magnificent! My blotchy red skin is 'No Mo'! 

So, I haz some learnins. Woop woop!

And now I'm tired. 

Bedtime for Bonzo!



And why am i so incredibly happy?! Well, let me show you....



I got a Mac ladies and gentlemen!!! It's been a long time coming, and a lot of money saving, and a lot of begging (that worked on my parents by the way!!) I have a computer that not only works, but it friggin ROCKS. Not only do I now own something that's reliable (okay, my last laptop was awesome and reliable, but hasn't been very reliable the last little while i'm afraid) it's perfect for my work with my photos and art and yada yada yada. 

Of course it's going to be a huge learning curve with it. That' whole swooping of the fingers is pretty cool but something I have to get used to. And this screen!! It's GIGANTIC! My God I can see tomorrow. And this was the small screen!

So I hope this is a good sign for awesome things to come... more blog posts, more crafting, more happy in general. It gets me motivated to get crafting and drawing and photographing and messing around with the photos. And hopefully list photos to sell online because seriously, my Etsy site is completely empty. Sad face. 

Ok, more playing to do! Off I go!