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Listing, listing and more listing

So, the craft shows I did went alright. Had a fabu time, lots of laughs, tons of stories, most of which are probably inappropriate to put on a blog :) 

I didn't make as much as I had hoped, but I guess doing a craft show on a "Black Friday" weekend where all the stores were having amazing deals may have put a bit of a damper on the amount of people showing up. Met amazing people though, so that's always a huge plus. I did make back the table fees, gas money, lunch money and have some monies in my pocket, but I did hope to do much more. 

So, what's a girl to do? List on Etsy! I've been listing like a mad mad fiend. I hope to atleast make some good sales before Christmas so I can actually purchase a few things to give as presents. I don't think my friends and fam would appreciate me just giving them crafts I've made but didn't sell hee hee. Well, some of them would be okay with it - but I'd feel like a douche. 

I'm currently running a FREE SHIPPING sale in my shop. All you gotta do is use the coupon code FREESHIP upon checkout! You know you want to... free shipping, c'mon now! Sometimes that's the most expensive part of buying online!! 

Will I lose money for shipping free? Of course. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Running out of time for saving money for a downpayment! And 80% of what I'm making at my job right now goes towards groceries and gas. Now if I could just stop eating and driving I'd be laughing! hee hee (well, I probably wouldn't be laughing. I'd be pretty emaciated.)

Wanna know what I'm listing? 

For example...



Lots of rings, earrings, cufflinks and such like these ones with my photographs in them.

I also had my super chickadee illustration featured! 

 And if you have a super duper whacked out sense of humour like yours truly, a "kock" ring. (or several. I have about 5 left!) 

I actually almost ran out of Christmas cards on the Saturday and had to come home and make some more. (excuse me, my cats being a jerk face right now.... Okay, door's closed - that's better....) 





And I also have necklaces with my photography as well...

I'm soon going to be listing my Canadian Animals series of cards, so keep an eye out! Alright, that's enough plugging my own work for now... 

I'm slowly starting to change my shop name! I have my Facebook fan page changed (well the URL and banner, but it still says I'm "SassmowthDesigns on Etsy". Don't know if I can change that!) and as you can see, my banner up top there. And my Twitter has also changed to @LoveUPorkChops. Lots more changes to come when I figure out how to change my URL on this blog. Anyone know how to do that? I'm a little slow. (As my Dad says, I'm "Sloooovenian" ha ha. He's a comedian) 

Alright must get back to listing. I also have to put a little Paypal thingy on here so I can have people purchase directly from my website as opposed to having to go through Etsy. All in due time I suppose. (Again, anyone have advice on that one?!) 

Okay, off I go! Have a great night everyone! 


Get 'er done!

I'm actually accomplishing something! Woot Woot!

This'll be a super quick post as it's quite late, I've been up a long time, I got little sleep last night, I drove a lot today, I ate too much of the best pizza ever, and got a late start on crafting. 

So, what have I done?

 Greeting card sets!


And pendants!


But still so much to do! I don't want to think about it really. I just hope I really crack the whip on my ass tomorrow and craft for most of the day. I do have to make a few quick jaunts around town, so hopefully they don't take too long. 

Have a great night kids! 


Rainy Day Monday!

So, I have exciting news! The job that I was hired on for during the Holiday season (meaning I'd be let go in January) wants me to stay! Yeah! I was so worried about leaving - of course having the security of regular pay cheques is pretty awesome, but I really *really* enjoy it. This is the first job where I've gotten up every morning and been excited to go to work. See, I knew Boffo's was one of the happiest places on earth!

Unfortunately working so much really took a toll on me. Not used to having a full time job anymore - haven't had one of those since 2008! So keeping up with my business sort of wasn't happening (that was probably a bit more than obvious!) BUT I have the week off! WootWoot!

And what are my plans for this week??? Why, that would be cleaning up my whirlwind of a craft room that quickly became a dumping yard so I can get back to crafting on a regular basis. Plus, I'll be working hard on my shop and my website so I can get it to where I've always wanted it!

I have to admit, when you're home all day with all the time in the world, never knowing what day it is, (okay, that's kinda blissful! And I miss it at times!) but I kinda lost my motivation and wasn't working as hard on my business as I should have been. More and more time was spent playing with the dog and napping. Well, maybe not actually "napping"... more like... aw hell, ya it was napping. Anyhoo...

I'm hoping to get into a groove again and do some sort of crafting-like-mode where I do something with my business each day after work. I don't even know what my Etsy shop looks like right now! Although that would be a teeny bit of a lie since I finally logged in a week or so ago and noticed I still had my "Merry Christmas get your cards quick!" message along the top, and more than half of my listings had expired. Though that could have been a good thing, because I quickly re-listed a whack of photos and guess what? I sold one!



Alright well, I'm already procrastinating from the whirlwind of my room. Although I'll leave you with a picture of the cutest animals in the world... Kermit and Puck.. How much in love are they?!



Have a great Monday everyone!