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Get 'er done!

I'm actually accomplishing something! Woot Woot!

This'll be a super quick post as it's quite late, I've been up a long time, I got little sleep last night, I drove a lot today, I ate too much of the best pizza ever, and got a late start on crafting. 

So, what have I done?

 Greeting card sets!


And pendants!


But still so much to do! I don't want to think about it really. I just hope I really crack the whip on my ass tomorrow and craft for most of the day. I do have to make a few quick jaunts around town, so hopefully they don't take too long. 

Have a great night kids! 


How freakin' cool is that!

Okay so, I'm still trying to figure out my Artfire account (and iCraft, and Zazzle, and... oy, too many to remember) and I was looking to find that little code thingy that I could put on this website so when you clicked on the Shop! link, it wasn't *just* showing my Etsy shop.

So there I was, clicking around, and I noticed Rapidcart. So now, if you click on the Shop! link at the top there, you'll see my Etsy shop, and underneath that, a display of my work listed at Artfire as well. BUT! You can purchase straight from that! You don't even need to bother going to Artfire, just click on the picture, add it to your cart, and walla!! How exciting is that!

A while back I was looking into adding a payment option onto Squarespace here, but it's currently not available to do that. Poop. That was kinda the point to starting my own website. I guess I should have researched it a tad? But the thing is, the dog is farting so bad right now I can't think or breathe.... I'll be right back...

Oy... room is clear. Wish he wouldn't do that, but it appears to be a favourite hobby of his. Atleast they're not as bad as the time he ate a veggie burger with us. Oh man. Although his breath stank worse than his ass. Never doing that again.


Anyways, like I was saying, but the thing is, squarespace is awesome in so many other ways, so I really did want a website here. But now with rapidcart, that's kinda like having a purchasing option on it, yes?? Maybe I need to fill up Artfire with more than I have at Etsy! Ya, that's it! I'm hip, I'm hip!

So today I'm filling up my time with feeling like complete poop, and trying to make my photo art cards look appealing. I've taken photos of them in the light box, but me thinks I need some on a nice clean looking cool desk or something like other peeps do. Now finding a nice clean looking cool desk might be a tad difficult... hmm.. I'll see what I come up with! Because these pics may show the card all nice and all, but it's not really "great picture worthy" material, yes?


I get so freaked out with product photography because sometimes it really sucks. I'm apparently not that great at setting things up, but then again, shouldn't I be? I'm selling my photography here. Shouldn't my product photography be freakin' amazing or something? Don't want peeps to think I wasn't the one that took these photos hehe.

In other news, I'd love to go see Howie Mandel at the Oakville theatre in September. But it's $124 per ticket. Yikes. While I'm sure he's worth it, that's not exactly in the budget!

Off again my friends... Have a super fantabulous Friday!!


When it rains, it pours...

But that sounds like it's a bad thing really. And I shouldn't be complaining - I'm really not! But c'mon, having projects a little spread out would be divine! Ah well... this is certainly testing my working skills!

So, are you all wondering what the crap I'm talking about? Well then, you're in for an answer...

My last post consisted of me looking for craft fairs, and I was hoping beyond hope to be able to get into one before Christmas (being able to buy Christmas presents for people would be nice. I was planning on using real money on real gifts this year, but I suppose that wasn't meant to happen) All at the same time, people were mentioning the exact same show "Brocante Lux". Kathie from Pillow Art (ps I need onna her pillows dammit! They make me want shoes!), Rebecca from Little Piece of Her and Erin snow from Chasing Clouds who also happens to run Brocante Lux, put a note on my Facebook Fan Page wall with links in the same afternoon! So I thought, alright then. Here we go! So I applied with my mish mash shimity sham and I got in! Yeah me!


Now, in relation to this story, I needed to send in a bio, so I of course sent in my obnoxious pic of myself that you can currently view at the bottom right hand side of this screen, as well as some links to some listings of the type of work I'll be selling. I didn't have any of my Christmas cards listed, so I went into my inactive etsy listings and shot one up from last year that didn't sell. (I only sold about 3 packs of Christmas cards last year, so I had a lot left over!) Anyhoo, next day I'm checking my etsy site and it says I have 27 sales, and I'm all, no I don't! So I check my sold orders and about 15 minutes after I listed my Christmas cards, someone bought them! I wrote them a note thanking them, and if they had any questions before I ship to let me know. Well, I received an email back asking if I had anymore because they wanted about 100 cards to send to their family and friends! Say Whaaaaat?!? If I dare quote, she claimed that "these cards crack her sh*t up". So, I made a listing for a custom order, and here we have it kids. In the week I'm trying to get as much stock as possible for a show, I have to make an additional 100 cards. Like I said, when it rains, it pours. And I'm excited about it!! I can sleep later!

Speaking of sleeping, I'm extremely tired. The other night the cat (yet again) kept me up all night with his meowing in my face, stepping on my boobs and  then running around the house like a crazy person because he's frustrated that he couldn't get his poop out. Well, before running around the house he takes scoops of litter and whips it across the room cause he's just so mad. Turns into freakin' Hulk Kitty for crying out loud. Did I ever mention he's given me a black eye? It was so embarrassing. "HA! How'd ya get that shiner?!" "My cat hits me". I mean seriously.

So, I really must get started on making cards now! I was planning on making about 100 to take with me to the craft fair, so I'm really going to need to step it up bitch and make one hell of a lot more :) Wish me luck! It's my first ever craft fair and I have no clue what I'm doing! And to make matters worse, all my friends have jobs so no one can come with me. Rebecca is going to visit though, and Kathie is a vendor there as well, so alteast I'll know someone!!  

Oh, but before I go, check out the Brocante Lux Blog listing the vendors! Yeah, there I am!! Right on! And can you tell I was really tired when I wrote my bio? HA! My mom *was* mortified btw.

Have a great day everyone! Gotta get workin'...