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Squarespace app!?

Oh My Glob! So, whilst I was going through templates and the like of squarespace to choose some designs for my place of work (Boffos is going online bitches! Woot woot!) I realized something. Firstly, there was an upgrade to squarespace 6 (oopsie la!) there was also talk of a squarespace app for my friggin iPhone. Say Whaaaaat!? I can post on the go!?

So I'm givin it a try. While watching Family Guy. On the couch. Ya that's right. Be jealous.

And just for some fun, lets add a photo shall we!?

Hmm let's see if that works :)
If it does work, these are all pictures of Puck "helping" us move.


In other news, we're moving! And it's been... Interesting to say the least. Parents are unpacking and we're packing. We're living in the house of boxes.

Alright time to eat some guacamole.


To Artfire or not Artfire?

I'm having issues with Artfire. But you intelligent ones could probably figure that out from the title.

Basically, I don't have time to concentrate on more than one shop. Well, if anyone happened to check out my iCraft shop, you'd see I have one photo sitting in it. I was planning on listing things, but damn, it kept giving me error messages so I just gave up. It wasn't very user friendly, but maybe because they were having site issues the one day I decided to fill it up? Who knows.

Plus, Google will drop any duplicate listings, and having the same items in so many places would just put me out in left field in google shopping searches. (y'know, the left field that no one visits because it's so overgrown with weeds and there's strange noises and it smells funny).

I was already having issues because all of my listings on Artfire were logged into Google Shopping, and NONE of my listings on Etsy were. So I changed all the names. It didn't seem to matter. And even though none of my Etsy listings were showing up in Google Shopping, my views on Etsy could run laps around my views at Artfire. (and give them black eyes and kick sand in their faces). So I've currently deactivated all of my listings in Artfire.

So why am I having issues with wanting to keep it? Well, because you don't have to be a member of Artfire to purchase from me. In fact, I've installed a "RapidCart" right here on my website so you can purchase directly from Ze Blog without having to leave. (and I really like keeping you all here! Maybe I should install some couches and serve coffee..)

But if no one is even looking at the listings on Artfire, what are the chances they're gonna BUY anything, right?!

Plus I'm working on trying to sell things directly on this website - Squarespace doesn't "support" any "carts" but I could technically have a page with all my product, and put in a paypal button, but I could send an invoice and yadda yadda yadda.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions/input/guidance/humourous anecdote?

With me starting a job soon, I'll have less time with my shop and such (and apparently it's already too difficult to post a 5 minute blog once in a while! yeesh!) So I'm thinking I should just downsize and stop paying the monthly fee on Artfire.

Alright, off I run... But first! A pic...


I know I complain a lot about my cat, but I do love him. And he's very sick. :( I'm gonna miss this guy!

Anyhoo, have a great day everyone! It's FRIDAY! WootWoot!


Okay, here's the deal..

I'd love to take the time to talk about what I'm currently (and feverishly) crafting at the moment, but unfortunately most of these items are Christmas presents. Don't want to ruin the surprise!

Secondly, I don't seem to have the time. 2 more sleeps until the parents come home! Yeah!! And if you haven't been following along since the beginning - the 4 of us kids (2 daughters with their significant others) are currently squatting in my parents house whilst they lead an exciting life across the pond. Yes, I so enjoy the phone calls from my dad stating they "think they might pop over to Paris for the weekend" or "take a drive to Bruges" or "hop on the train to Slovenia". Gee thanks for letting me know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm popping over to Hamilton, taking a drive to Scarborough and hopping a train to London. Yippee!

***Okay for those that actually clicked the links and got mad because I used the worst photos of their towns (and as for London, the state that they're currently in again) I apologize! I don't hate these cities, I rather enjoy going to them (or speeding through them tee hee) I was just trying to accentuate the point of my parents galavanting through glorious cities while I'm driving through dirt and smog.

Anyhoo, atleast it's not like before, when my dad would call me from Puerto Rico in the middle of January when our furnace had broken, we had the worst snow and ice storms ever, and he says "Oh geez, y'know, I'd love to keep talking to you but it's so HOOOT here, I'm going to have to get off the phone and jump in the pool. Call Uncle Bert about the furnace, he'll know what to do. Toodles!" Jackass.

Okay so, back I go to cleaning. I've already cleaned out the fridge this morning which was great, but not so great because now it's completely empty. See, last time my parents were home, mom tried to make a sandwich, was squeezing mustard onto the bun when she noticed that the mustard had gone off. Well, gone off a long time ago. Later that day, she was making a salad and went to put on salad dressing when she noticed that it had expired. 3 months ago. So then, every single thing that she ate from then on "Didn't taste right" even if we had just gotten all that lunch meat yesterday and threw everything out. So to prevent all of our good food to be thrown out in the trash, I decided to go through every single food item we had. Good thing I did cause damn. Honestly sometimes I can't believe we're still alive.

I bid you adieu for now, but I can't possibly write a blog without adding atleast ONE photo in for your amusement. So here's my cat. I keep mentioning to you guys how fat he is (his own fat has fat) but I've never actually showcased it before. I couldn't help but take this picture of him yesterday lying on the bed. It really caught my attention as I was walking by...


And yes, that *is* in fact, his back fat hanging over the railing at the edge of the bed. I did a double take and thought Salvador Dali had somehow gotten a-hold of my cat. But nope. It's fat everyone! Nothing to worry about here.

Have a great Wednesday!!!