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Craft shows comin' up!

So, I don't think I officially announced this, I just kinda put it at the sidebar :) But I got accepted for 2 shows! The first one is in Brampton on November 23rd, and the second is called The G33K show and it's for November 24th and 25th. So I'm freaking out a wee bit. 3 days of craft shows. And I haven't "crafted" in close to a year. Poop. 

I've made a few runs to the craft stores for supplies and I hope to Gumby-Christ that I can get enough crafts done in 2 weeks. Running out of time. Yikes!

Gotta get me arse in gear. 

But of course, as procrastination is my middle name, I've been fooling with things like shop names and marketing strategies. 

All this is being helped along by a book I purchased this summer called "The Handmade Marketplace" and lemme tell ya it's fabu! So much incredible information and a lot of them are fellow etsians and craft show gurus. It's taking me a while to get through it all, but I like what I've done so far. 

My blog look has changed if you've noticed :) And yes, I've had some great feedback about the "Love you like porkchops" so I think it's gonna stick. Now I just have to craft away at all the things I'm going to be selling, fill up the blog and websites and etsy with new product and I should be good to go, right? 

Oy, motivation, please be kind and find me often. 

I know it'll be a lot of work switching my shop name on everything, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. I've been thinking about having my photography separate (KLantZ Photography) but keep it on this website/blog as a new tab. I still want to do my photography per se, but since I have a cute/creepy/gothic style of illustrations and some photography fits it, I don't think that will go well with the 'Love you like porkchops' style that I'd like to portray. It'll all come together eventually. I hope. Crossing fingers and toes!

Alright, bed time again before I'm on here all night giving you all too much information like how my dog pood 6 times today. **6 TIMES**. wtf. Literally full of sh*t I suppose. 

Have a good night all! 


Change my shop name?

I've been considering this to no end for quite a few months now. (Probably close to a year but who's counting). As you can see from my banner, there's a KLantZ Photography in there as well. (Pronounced Clancy cause it's funny like that) When I got more into the photography, I thought maybe I should go towards that one instead of Sassmowth. 

As we all know, the problems with Sassmowth is that little 'W' in there. I did that for specific reasons, but who purposely spells the name wrong if they're not 100% familiar with my business? Since my email is a 'sassmowth' as well, there've been many an email gone awry. 

And why did I chose Sassmowth to begin with? A very long time ago, which seemed another life, a friend and I came up with "Sassmouth - a new dimension in cards" for our greeting cards we were working on. They were very sassy my friends. For example [guy sitting on the floor in a newly un-furnished room] "So I hear you're going through a divorce and you're about to lose all of your most prized possessions. But look at the bright side..." [inside] She's one of them!

It was hilarious to me at the time. Maybe I'm just sick of looking at it now, so that it's not so humourous?! Who knows... but believe me, some of them were freakin' laugh-tacular!

Anyhoodles, that friend and I parted ways. And I had created a whole whack of new cards (like the one shown in the last post). But I was also crocheting, and I wasn't sure what I wanted my shop name to be on Etsy. So I hmm'd and haw'd and thought, screw it. I've already been using 'sassmowth' as my email addy for a long time now, and atleast Sassmowth doesn't box me into one craft, so I'm gonna go for it!

Now I'm not so sure. It's too hard to brand. Not all my work is "sassy" although some still is. KLantZ photography, that's an idea, but again, boxing me into photography. If I just did KLantZ, would I still be haunted with the spelling? And would everyone pronounce it Clancy like I've envisioned? Should I just use Clancy? But how would I brand that? With the cop from the Simpsons? ("Shut up Lou, I love this song! JAMMING!")

I've just been reading an awesome possum book on starting up your own business and branding is something that is first and foremost. Even though it'll be one hell of a lot of work changing my name on everything, I think it'll be worth it. But now I'm having anxiety over whether I'm making the right choice?

So, here's what I'm thinking.... My work is very... varied. I do photography, illustration and crochet. The photography is architectural to creepy/gothic. The illustration is cute and funky to creepy/gothic. The crochet is just fuckin' adorable! And there's no hope in me finding one craft and sticking with it, y'know? It's not possible for me. Drawing, photography and crochet have all become my passions and I've found a way to use all three in yet more mediums. I've tried picking one, but I canna dooo eet captain! 

But what name encompasses it all? What name is catchy? What name would you see at a craft fair and walk over out of pure curiosity? What name would you most likely remember? 

Love you like Porkchops 

Am I just dilusional? Is it that time of the night that I think all my ideas are fantastic ones? Is it too long? Is it stupid? Am I on to something? 

Wanna know the story? My husband said that to me one night. And my response was "But... too many porkchops make you sick!" (because they're breaded using egg, and he's allergic to egg) and he says "Exactly. They make me sick and I eat them anyways. Because that's how much I love them" 

To this day I'm not sure if it means he really does truly love me, or he loves me despite the fact that I make him sick.

Anyhoo... that's the end. It's bed time. And guess what? Uncontrollable urge to clean... taking over....