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New Year, New Gear

This'll be short but sweet folks, as I'm heading out to get my Bingo on tonight. Don't judge. It's what all the cool broke cats are doing, mmkay? 

So firstly, yes, new gear. As in, 1st gear. As opposed to No Gear. Yessieree Bob, I have a lot of plans to get moving on my adventures! But I fear letting all these plans out here so there will be no looking upon with disappointment. Then again, maybe letting them all out will motivate me to actually get 'er done? Now there's an idea!

I am confused though, about one small thing. See, Squarespace sets aside comments that it suspects is spam so that I can review it and agree or not agree. Mostly, I agree. But I just read one that was "Really good blog! All peoples need writing skils like yours" .... was that sarcastic?! 

Anyhoo, before I rush off into the night of bingo ink all up and down my arm because I have issues not messing myself with the dabber, I haz a show! 


It's happening next Friday, January 18th, so come on out for some great bands, terrific crafters and support a local charity y'all!! 



Spam is the magic word...

When my Dad wrote a post on spam the other day, it made me laugh. Every once in a blue moon I'd get a spam comment on my blog about purses or clothes or penis', but I'd quickly delete them and go on my way. Unfortunately, I was a bit MIA. Well, not a bit mind you. I was in another world.

Since November, I've been working like crazy which I'm totally not used to so I was exhausted. When I wasn't working I was trying to tame a crazy kitten and a crazy dog. And when I wasn't doing that, I was worrying and driving to a hospital when my FIL went in for a bypass. Then Christmas happened and New Years happened and dinners and presents and shopping and working and visiting and talking and barely sleeping. I definitely wasn't crafting, so there was no words to put on this blog.

But since I'm cleaning my craft room so I can actually start crafting again instead of sitting amongst a pile of disorder, I thought, hey! I'll check on my blog! And then came the "Hey! People are still visiting my blog!" And then it was all "Oh my, lookit all those comments!" Ya. Spam. All of them. Spam after spam after spam. After spam. And then more spam. I've successfully deleted about 30 spam comments so far, but there's still 6 pages of spam comments. I'm slowly going crazy. 1,2,3,4,5,6 switch.

Luckily they all came from the same IP so I was able to block it from future Hugo Boss, Tony Butch and Peter something or other spam comments. Of course, that'll last a day. Maybe half a day. Not sure. But on ONE day, 8 pages of comments were strewn all over my blog. What a pisser.

Hope everyone else is having a better Monday night!



Last day!


Well, for the strike sale. Apparently they're back to work at the sorting plant today. Hopefully I'll get some mail in my mail box tomorrow. For the past 2 weeks it's been cold, dark and empty.

Speaking of cold, dark and empty... I had this comment from someone on my last blog post:

"Mostly I like to visit first thing in the morn after waking up from a late night of partying, pop open my diet coke, and give thanks to the universe that my uterus is still cold, dark and empty as it always was."

Well isn't that special.

I've deleted it. I mean, if I spoke of my uterus, diet coke or cold, dark and empty spaces, maybe that comment would have been of some relevance and I would have kept it. Unfortunately, neither of those words were even spoken. I did notice though that this same person made comments on a total of 3 blog posts, yet that one was the most.. umm.. strange? Sorry to say spam-covered-creepy-commenter, your IP has been blocked. Albeit I'm sure there are ways to change your IP and they'll be back, but I'll just keep blocking away.

In other news... Oh I didn't finish my first news. So this is the last day to take advantage of the 20% off discount from my etsy shop with coupon code STRIKESALE0621. Tonight at midnight, it'll be deleted.

Okay, NOW in other news, I've actually started to list some stuff on my ArtFire shop! Ooooh!

I've also realized I really need to make a new banner for everything. It took me so long to create the banners I have now (they all match in each shop and this website, with slight variations) so I really sighed heavily when I realized it needs to be done. I've retired the monster cards (although I wouldn't be opposed to custom orders) and I'll no longer be selling crochet. Well, I might open a Zibbet and do that, but I think I should stick with one genre. I still want to add my illustrations/paintings and such in there, but I think photography and illustrations aren't *too* different that my shop will look like a bunch of "Koupshka". Oh wait, I still have to list on iCraft! Yikes.. I forgot I even opened that....

Anyhoo, off I go!

But before I do completely, have any of you ever eaten a burger so freakin' good that you accidentally ate some of the wrapper, but didn't care? Ya.. had one of those burgers this weekend... I'm still dreaming about it. I spent Saturday hanging out with Erika at her craft show for Arts in the Square... here's a couple of pics 'cause I'm cool like that...

Erika's display of her super amazing silver jewellery that she designs and makes...



And an adorable dog named Maggie who loves riding around in a basket.


I unfortunately missed the opportunity to take a pic of the tiny little Chihuahua that had the biggest penis and balls I've ever seen on a dog, but my mouth was hanging open so wide in disbelief that my camera got wedged under my chin and I couldn't pry it out in time to snap a pic before it bowleggedly walked away.

Have a great Monday everyone!