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New Year, New Gear

This'll be short but sweet folks, as I'm heading out to get my Bingo on tonight. Don't judge. It's what all the cool broke cats are doing, mmkay? 

So firstly, yes, new gear. As in, 1st gear. As opposed to No Gear. Yessieree Bob, I have a lot of plans to get moving on my adventures! But I fear letting all these plans out here so there will be no looking upon with disappointment. Then again, maybe letting them all out will motivate me to actually get 'er done? Now there's an idea!

I am confused though, about one small thing. See, Squarespace sets aside comments that it suspects is spam so that I can review it and agree or not agree. Mostly, I agree. But I just read one that was "Really good blog! All peoples need writing skils like yours" .... was that sarcastic?! 

Anyhoo, before I rush off into the night of bingo ink all up and down my arm because I have issues not messing myself with the dabber, I haz a show! 


It's happening next Friday, January 18th, so come on out for some great bands, terrific crafters and support a local charity y'all!! 



Craft shows comin' up!

So, I don't think I officially announced this, I just kinda put it at the sidebar :) But I got accepted for 2 shows! The first one is in Brampton on November 23rd, and the second is called The G33K show and it's for November 24th and 25th. So I'm freaking out a wee bit. 3 days of craft shows. And I haven't "crafted" in close to a year. Poop. 

I've made a few runs to the craft stores for supplies and I hope to Gumby-Christ that I can get enough crafts done in 2 weeks. Running out of time. Yikes!

Gotta get me arse in gear. 

But of course, as procrastination is my middle name, I've been fooling with things like shop names and marketing strategies. 

All this is being helped along by a book I purchased this summer called "The Handmade Marketplace" and lemme tell ya it's fabu! So much incredible information and a lot of them are fellow etsians and craft show gurus. It's taking me a while to get through it all, but I like what I've done so far. 

My blog look has changed if you've noticed :) And yes, I've had some great feedback about the "Love you like porkchops" so I think it's gonna stick. Now I just have to craft away at all the things I'm going to be selling, fill up the blog and websites and etsy with new product and I should be good to go, right? 

Oy, motivation, please be kind and find me often. 

I know it'll be a lot of work switching my shop name on everything, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. I've been thinking about having my photography separate (KLantZ Photography) but keep it on this website/blog as a new tab. I still want to do my photography per se, but since I have a cute/creepy/gothic style of illustrations and some photography fits it, I don't think that will go well with the 'Love you like porkchops' style that I'd like to portray. It'll all come together eventually. I hope. Crossing fingers and toes!

Alright, bed time again before I'm on here all night giving you all too much information like how my dog pood 6 times today. **6 TIMES**. wtf. Literally full of sh*t I suppose. 

Have a good night all! 


Not sure if this will work...

Considering my website host is currently underwater in Manhattan. 

Still trying to process the damage that went on in the States. It's another one of those instances where you're watching the news and it's just so unimaginable that you have a hard time digesting it actually went on. 

Luckily in our area, where we were told we'd be in for 90 km/hr winds, up to 50mm of rain and possibly 72 hours of blackouts, none of that happened. Well, I shouldn't say none exactly as some areas close to us are in the dark and had received damage. 

We seem to be in a little pocket over here, as on many many occasions a storm cell will split, and to the right of us they get freezing rain, a meter of snow, and whiteouts, and the left of us get freezing rain, a meter of snow, and whiteouts. Yet here we are on our front porch with the dog chewin' on a wooden tooth pic goin "Hey Paw... whats al' at hubub about? Ain't nuttin' butta sprinklin'!!" 

Although I have to say, all this rain is wreaking havoc on my knuckles. My driver side windshield wiper could break at any second. 

In other news, I actually have some craft shows coming up! November 23rd, I'll be at the lovely Erika's work at a "Beat the Holiday Rush" for their employees. (As a reminder for all you darlings out there, Erika is the one that gives me rainbow kitten Christmas eyebeams - as in, that's how I feel whenever I get a chance to hang out with her. I'm currently having horrendously terrible withdrawal as I haven't seen her in a few weeks now. I'm pretty sure this is why my throat hurts so bad it makes me cry even when I burp)

I may actually have a craft show later that same weekend! But I won't say where just incase I don't get in, since it's juried and my work may not suit their current theme. And if I tell you all and I don't get in, I'll just get all upset like and picture you all tsking at me for my failures. 

BUT if I don't get in there, I have an opportunity for that same weekend to be in a craft show at a seniors center in Fort Erie. Don't judge. Those seniors have senses of humour. They could enjoy the occasional chestnut roasting. 



I'm also tempted to start using my line of "Strictly Canadian" characters in my crafts. See how they do. This guy makes my husbands brain hurt because he's apparently so cute, he makes people crumble? Not too sure. But dear hubs can't even look at him sometimes. Chickadee do da seems to be kryptonite of some sort. Anyhoodles, time for more tea.  


Hope all are safe out there after Sandy kicked herself in everyones eyes.