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Squarespace app!?

Oh My Glob! So, whilst I was going through templates and the like of squarespace to choose some designs for my place of work (Boffos is going online bitches! Woot woot!) I realized something. Firstly, there was an upgrade to squarespace 6 (oopsie la!) there was also talk of a squarespace app for my friggin iPhone. Say Whaaaaat!? I can post on the go!?

So I'm givin it a try. While watching Family Guy. On the couch. Ya that's right. Be jealous.

And just for some fun, lets add a photo shall we!?

Hmm let's see if that works :)
If it does work, these are all pictures of Puck "helping" us move.


In other news, we're moving! And it's been... Interesting to say the least. Parents are unpacking and we're packing. We're living in the house of boxes.

Alright time to eat some guacamole.


Man do I ever need a new computer!

Oy. Like seriously! It took over an hour JUST to update my friggin' iPhone! Seriously!

Problem is, of course, money. Now, I could afford a new Windows laptop running up to about $700 thereabouts without much problem. I've been really good with the financials lately, so I actually still have money in my account and I'm not freaking out at the end of the month. I have to say though, it really helps getting paid every week! Makes it much easier to figure out how much I can spend each week as opposed to trying to make one paycheque last for 2.

But even though I have enough for a new Windows laptop, that's unfortunately not what I need. With all my work with photos and photoshop and the like, I desperately need a Mac. Although, having a Mac does put a damper in some of the Windows programs I love to use for business type dealies. But my plan is to keep this one around and once I move all my photos and programs for photos to the Mac, strip this one down to the bare minimums and just use it for the "office" side to my workings. It'll make me feel all professional like! Kinda like when I carry around a clip board!

But buying a Mac of course, adds atleast another $1000 on the price.

Any suggestions?

But I'm not up to doing anything illegally here! So no suggestions of robbing banks please. I'm quite clumsy and I'd probably fall on my big bag of money whilst trying to escape the police and "Chris Farley" it. There's be money everywhere. And of course I wouldn't think of putting my hands down to break my fall, but I'd use my face as per usual. Bad habit of mine. Poor face. I'm getting pretty hideous over here from all my falling.

So for now, I'll struggle along. If you're not seeing many new photos, this is why! Not like I have much time or energy right now to do any crafting or picture taking or editing mind you, so that's okay right now.

But I do have exciting news! A couple of weeks ago I started following Jann Arden on Instagram (the photo program I use on my iPhone) and she FOLLOWED ME BACK!!! She's even LIKING MY PHOTOS!! I get so excited everytime I see that she liked a photo of Kermit or Puck. I've had quite a few hilarious ones lately. Like when I stayed out really late with a friend of mine Saturday night and they were both giving me the "So young lady, mind telling us why you were out so late?!" glares...


Okay so, a small rant on Facebook, because I just discovered this. I post a lot of photos to facebook from Instagram because I like to share the "so cute my head is going to explode" pics of my furrbabies. I hadn't gotten ONE comment on any of them and I was all sad face. Well, I just went to facebook to get a photo and noticed on my stupid timeline that all my Instagram photos had a lock with an "Only Me" written to the side. Right on. Because I just love filling up my facebook timeline with things for only me to see. Hmph.

Alright, don't want to get too long winded. My computer might crash any second since it sounds like a 90 year old man trying to get up out of his chair. Have a great week everyone! Hopefully it won't be so long until I'm back again :)