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New Year, New Gear

This'll be short but sweet folks, as I'm heading out to get my Bingo on tonight. Don't judge. It's what all the cool broke cats are doing, mmkay? 

So firstly, yes, new gear. As in, 1st gear. As opposed to No Gear. Yessieree Bob, I have a lot of plans to get moving on my adventures! But I fear letting all these plans out here so there will be no looking upon with disappointment. Then again, maybe letting them all out will motivate me to actually get 'er done? Now there's an idea!

I am confused though, about one small thing. See, Squarespace sets aside comments that it suspects is spam so that I can review it and agree or not agree. Mostly, I agree. But I just read one that was "Really good blog! All peoples need writing skils like yours" .... was that sarcastic?! 

Anyhoo, before I rush off into the night of bingo ink all up and down my arm because I have issues not messing myself with the dabber, I haz a show! 


It's happening next Friday, January 18th, so come on out for some great bands, terrific crafters and support a local charity y'all!! 



Spam is the magic word...

When my Dad wrote a post on spam the other day, it made me laugh. Every once in a blue moon I'd get a spam comment on my blog about purses or clothes or penis', but I'd quickly delete them and go on my way. Unfortunately, I was a bit MIA. Well, not a bit mind you. I was in another world.

Since November, I've been working like crazy which I'm totally not used to so I was exhausted. When I wasn't working I was trying to tame a crazy kitten and a crazy dog. And when I wasn't doing that, I was worrying and driving to a hospital when my FIL went in for a bypass. Then Christmas happened and New Years happened and dinners and presents and shopping and working and visiting and talking and barely sleeping. I definitely wasn't crafting, so there was no words to put on this blog.

But since I'm cleaning my craft room so I can actually start crafting again instead of sitting amongst a pile of disorder, I thought, hey! I'll check on my blog! And then came the "Hey! People are still visiting my blog!" And then it was all "Oh my, lookit all those comments!" Ya. Spam. All of them. Spam after spam after spam. After spam. And then more spam. I've successfully deleted about 30 spam comments so far, but there's still 6 pages of spam comments. I'm slowly going crazy. 1,2,3,4,5,6 switch.

Luckily they all came from the same IP so I was able to block it from future Hugo Boss, Tony Butch and Peter something or other spam comments. Of course, that'll last a day. Maybe half a day. Not sure. But on ONE day, 8 pages of comments were strewn all over my blog. What a pisser.

Hope everyone else is having a better Monday night!



I'd love to do some walkin' in these!

Mostly I find the Etsy "Circles" kinda useless. I'd much rather be notified when my fave shops listed something new, as opposed to what my favourite shops favourite. But every once in a while, someone favourites something that I would have never found and I freakin' love! For example...


How sweet are these shoes?! You can find them, and other leather accessories (that I'm in love with as well) at FairySteps! I'm a huge lover of funky shoes (albeit this is a recent addiction). For example, I've recently aquired these 2 puppies from El Naturalista:


Although these first ones, mine are black, and the second mine are mustard yellow!!

Anyhoodle, been busy these past few weeks, and it's just gonna get worse. Unfortunately most of the things I'm busy with aren't exactly paying jobs, so I'm not currently making any bucks from my time. Although the crafts I'm working on could one day make me money, right?!

Off I go again... Hope everyone is having a fabu weekend!

Oh, and all your spammers out there, stop depressing me! I'm sick to death of getting all excited about a comment and it's YOU with your damn links to your stupid wholesale merchandise! I'm NEVER going to click the links!! Just DELETE YOU. Gah!