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Squarespace app!?

Oh My Glob! So, whilst I was going through templates and the like of squarespace to choose some designs for my place of work (Boffos is going online bitches! Woot woot!) I realized something. Firstly, there was an upgrade to squarespace 6 (oopsie la!) there was also talk of a squarespace app for my friggin iPhone. Say Whaaaaat!? I can post on the go!?

So I'm givin it a try. While watching Family Guy. On the couch. Ya that's right. Be jealous.

And just for some fun, lets add a photo shall we!?

Hmm let's see if that works :)
If it does work, these are all pictures of Puck "helping" us move.


In other news, we're moving! And it's been... Interesting to say the least. Parents are unpacking and we're packing. We're living in the house of boxes.

Alright time to eat some guacamole.